Access Arrangements

Staff at dast are experienced at liaising with schools and colleges to conduct assessments for the purposes of Access Arrangements. We have developed effective partnership working with Senco’s, head teachers and examination departments to ensure an effective and co-ordinated effort in managing Access Arrangements.

Dast staff undertake annual updating to ensure their assessment methods and recommendations meet the ‘JCQ Access and Reasonable Adjustments’ criteria. Staff have experience working with students at both pre and post 16 level. Extensive experience working with students for whom English is an Additional Language is also held.

Materials have been developed to ease the process of monitoring the process for Senco’s . Information sheets to collect background information are also available. Some elements of the assessment process can be delivered at a group level. Dast staff will complete the relevant sections of JCQ form 8.

Senco’s or senior staff wishing to discuss the opportunities for collaborative working should contact Duncan.

What the assessment process involves:
The process of assessment may vary according to the needs of the individual, but may involve all or some of the following:
·  Single word reading
·  Text-level comprehension (timed/un-timed)
·  Spelling accuracy
·  Free writing
·  Cognitive processing measure:
   ·  Phonological processing
   ·  Working memory
   ·  Visual Processing
   ·  Visual/motor
·  Vocabulary/ability

The assessment process can take between 1-2 hours. Assessments can be conducted on school premises. Full feedback sessions can be provided and advice and guidance will be offered to the individual and staff supporting the students. Recommendations for future testing and advice to adjust study skills and ‘normal way of working’ may be provided.

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