“Regardless, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for conducting the previous assessment professionally but personably; which followed through to the report which showed much ‘humanity’ in the broadest sense of the term whilst maintaining the requisite form of ‘objectivity’ inherent in an assessment and report’’

Comment from student who was assessed whilst at sixth form in 2011 (12/9/13)

“We enjoyed working with you as well. Thank you for being part of the CCSS team too.”

Headteacher 29/5/13

“Many thanks for the most informative and useful report. Your efforts are much appreciated and give us an opportunity to help Connor further.”

Father of sixth form student - 25/9/13

“Thanks Duncan - great to meet you (fleetingly) for the first time - fabulous feedback Duncan.’’

 Senior Tutor - June 2011

“Duncan is a very committed teacher who works conscientiously to find the best way forward for his learners. From my experience of his work they find him approachable, kind and trustworthy. He is practical and well organised. He is a ‘clear-headed prioritiser’. He has an open friendly manner and a good sense of humour. He has a serious contribution to make.”

Head Tutor- SpLD course

“Support for trainees with learning difficulties, such as dyslexia, is comprehensive and remains a strength.”

RAF Honington Ofsted Inspection report January 2010

“He works with integrity in all areas of his work. He is committed to the learners and works positively with colleagues, parents and other agencies to ensure they have the support to achieve well.”

Amanda O’Neill – Lecturer West Suffolk College 2010

“My name is Luke Huskisson, a sniper attached to II Squadron RAF Regiment. I first met Liz Currell in May 2008 whilst in RAF Regiment basic training. She was assigned to me after it was picked up that I was really struggling with the classroom work. I was initially really embarrassed to need help but Liz reassured me and made it a relaxed and comfortable environment. She immediately got a plan together where I would be diagnostically assessed. This allowed me to get extra time on tests and help with reading as I found out I am severely dyslexic.  I have no doubt in my mind that without this help I wouldn’t have passed basic training. 
Liz has been there for me throughout my career and has helped me not only with reading and writing but has been a constant support for anything I needed, for example my signal’s course and sniper course, Liz went out her way to make the training team understand my problems. I succeeded in becoming a badged sniper. 
I have been in the RAF for 6 years serving with II Squadron. I have served in Afghanistan twice, where in Helmand I received a commendation for bravery. I strongly feel that without Liz’s help and guidance right back at the beginning and throughout, I would never have achieved what I have in the 6 years I have served and for that I am truly grateful.”

Luke Huskisson

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