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Dast (Dyslexia Assessment Services & Training) are a team of specialist dyslexia/specific learning difficulty practitioners working to support individuals with dyslexia across the East Anglian Region.

Dast was set up in 2007 by Duncan Davies and Liz Currell to utilise their wide experience to support individuals with dyslexia in order to help them achieve to their full potential. Working with families, schools, sixth forms, local colleges and the Uniformed Services - dast offers a range of services related to the screening and diagnosis of dyslexia and other SpLD’s.


dast dyslexia

Services we offer:

· A screening test that will show the probability of dyslexia in people of all ages
· Exam access arrangement test- to provide evidence to schools and colleges for examination adjustments. To suggest strategies to develop ‘normal way of working’
· A diagnostic assessment to identify dyslexia/SpLD’s. These assessments can be used to support examination access arrangements, Disabled Students Allowance or to support individuals at work

Contact us

Duncan: 07841 872366
            01379 898028

Liz: 07841 528725
      01359 259315

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dast dyslexia

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